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Start Fulfilling Your Adventurous Dream With Bungee Jumping In Goa

On the off chance that rush and experience are at the forefront of your thoughts, at that point bungee jumping in Goa is one thing that should intrigue you in a split second. The adrenaline surge that this experience sport guaran...

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Explore The Serene Beauty Of Kerala With Our Kerala Tour Packages

Kerala Tour Packages by Picnicwale is simply the ideal method to submerge in the delightful backwaters of this southern state and find the rich social legacy of. Since we get the best bundle agenda for you. Launch your Kerala trip...

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Holidaying In Goa? Then Scuba Diving Is A Must Do Activity For You

Scuba Diving is a very popular adventure activity in Goa. This is the perfect opportunity for adventure admirers who love the adrenaline rush of being underwater, and discovering the colorful marine life. It is an absolutely safe...

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Witness The Magical Underwater World With The Incredible Scuba Diving In Goa

Scuba Diving is an underwater activity that everyone heads for on their Goa holidays. The best part about this exciting activity is that you get to discover the underwater beauty of vibrant marine life and admire the co...

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Explore The Real Thrill Of Andaman With Thrilling Water Sports In Andaman

Those who wish to feel the thrill of flying high up in the sky, can visit the popular beaches of Andaman like Radhanagar Beach, Elephant Beach and participate in the captivating water sport in Andaman. The picturesque view...

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Get A Backpacking Guide To The Royal Destination Of India, Rajasthan

When in Rajasthan, the single word that comes to mind to explain the place is ‘royal’. With the Aravallis as its backdrop, this magical state is no less than regal, resplendent and remarkable. The structure of the palaces with ...

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Get The Complete Kashmir Pocket Guide With Picnicwale

The mountain paradise called Kashmir is positioned in the northernmost geographical vicinity of the Indian subcontinent. It is one of the 3 divisions of the Indian administered territory of Jammu and Kashmir – Kashmir, Jammu and Ladakh. The K...

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Scuba Diving In Goa - An Excellent Choice For Non Swimmers.

If you don’t know how to swim and want to experience Scuba diving for fun then Goa is the perfect destination to fulfill your scuba diving fantasy. Scuba Diving for Non Swimmers in Goa will surely become one of the best experiences whic...

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Seeking For Best Goa Vacations? Get The Best 3 Nights 4 Days Goa Tour Package By Picnicwale

Holidays are refreshment, a way to refresh yourself. Goa needs to visit vacation spots for this purpose. This Indian state is a platform of utmost laughter and an interesting vacation. Goa seashores are r...

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Water Adventure

  • Scuba Diving in Goa

    What lies under the floor of the soothing ocean waves intrigues many people. While you could locate the best of coral reefs, enchanting marine lifestyles and vibrant sea creatures near the tropical areas, India has many coastal regions where you could attempt the same. If you’re planning to explore scuba diving in Goa, stay assured that the wonderful allure of this area might make you crave for more! With a number of the best websites included in the list, the following manual will assist you intend a fun packed vacation. Looking for a few extravagant underwater adventures? Well, ensure you don’t leave out anything in Goa!
  • Snorkeling in Goa

    Goa, the land of pristine seashores, is a picturesque excursion vacation spot that is not most effective attracts tourists from India, but all over the globe. Flanked by way of the hippie vibe of North Goa on one facet and the peace and quietude of South Goa on the other, this tropical haven is domestic to over 60 seashores. Most of these seashores provide a plethora of water sports activities that lure in journey seekers and seaside bums to this India’s birthday party vacation spot every year. From jet skiing, surfing, parasailing, scuba diving, to Snorkeling in Goa, there’s a whole lot of adventure that you can take pleasure in on these shores. For starters, let’s locate some of the excellent spots across Goa for snorkeling so you can plan an action-packed trip soon.
  • Parasailing in Goa

    Parasailing or para-ascending is an entertaining water recreation with two tremendous instruments- parachute and speedboat. This sport is maximum prominent in the land of appropriate beaches, Goa. Parasailing in Goa occurs to be a maintained beach activity. With a medley of immeasurable adrenaline rush together with tuned seaside landscapes, it is a frolicking sight to a lover of adventure and fun. Fly at the stop of a rope fastened to a speedboat propelling at the height of 300 to 320 toes and enjoy the bird's eye view of the panoramic splendor of the south-west coast in India.
  • River rafting in Goa

    Goa instills in our thoughts the pix of sun kissed beaches, with exciting water sports, vibrant neighborhood markets, old global villages with its laid back humans and picturesque landscape. Now you also add White water Rafting in the itinerary of your next Goa trip. Rafting takes location on Mhadei River for a stretch of 10 km walking via the Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary nestled in the UNESCO international historical past web site of the Western Ghats The best season for river rafting in Goa is from July to September throughout monsoon whilst the river is overflowing with rainwater.
  • Kayaking in Goa

    Goa has numerous water sports that can be done at sea and on the river. Out of all, Kayaking is the maximum relaxing recreation as it enables you to lighten up your frame and mind. Goa offers diverse stunning locations for kayaking both at seashores and in backwaters. Kayaking in Goa is completely a completely unique and exhilarating manner to discover the great golden shoreline. Also, this activity allows us to witness the thick mangroves of Goa.
  • Banana Boat Ride in Goa

    Banana Boat Rides are one of the most important attractions, the others being the beaches in Goa, forts in Goa, casinos and others. Goa Banana Boat Rides are one the funniest Water Sports in Goa. An inflatable boat comparable to the form of a banana is used for Banana Ride in Goa. This boat is linked to a speed boat. four to 6 people can be seated in a single banana boat. The boat throws off the passengers as soon as the speed boat sprints across the ocean.
  • Flyboarding in Goa

    Would you want to fly up inside the air much like the superhero you see in Marvel comics and then inside a span of a few minutes swim like a dolphin? Well as outstanding and dreamy as it sounds, you truely can do this to your very own Goa. Flyboarding in Goa is a brand new set of innovation in intense water sports which takes adventure to an entire new level. Flyboarding is done in the lovely Chapora River in North Goa which is taken into consideration as the famous destination for Flyboarding.
  • Jet Ski Ride in Goa

    Let your dream run by way of relishing the mind-blowing Goa water sports. Goa gives a wide assortment of water video games for the vacationers who want to sense the thrill. Quench your thirst for adventure and thrill via experiencing the Jet Skiing water game which is custom made for speed lovers. Jet Ski ride in Goa stands out among the most exciting and energizing water video games. One of the essential security mechanisms is that the protection clip is joined in your midriff due to the fact if you fall into the water through dropping your steadiness, the motor will close off thereby protecting you and the others from the Just due to the fact you're related to an engine close off clip doesn’t mean you may fall inside the water while Jet Skiing. The odds are very low that this will happen, they're just safety measures that are ensured.
  • Bumper Ride in Goa

    If you have had the thrilling enjoyment of Goa’s snorkeling, jet skiing, parasailing and such different water sports, then it’s time you have to march for this bumper ride in Goa that let yourself get an enriching enjoyment like by no means before. Riding in these doughnut-formed tubes is a favorite select among the pals and households as it's far the state-of-the-art enchantment in terms of watersports. This interest is for all those adrenalin junkies out there who're fascinated through the thrill and chill associated with it and are geared up to go adventurous! In this fun-crammed ride, you may take a seat in a big air-filled tube manufactured from rubber and dragged by using a speed boat into the open clear sea. Tubing is another call for it. The fundamental purpose is to hang on as lengthy as you can in this air crammed tube even as the velocity boat zips along the waves so one can throw you off within the sea.
  • Grand Island Boat Trip in Goa

    The Grand Island trip is an adventurous island ride as we are able to be having a variety of sports along with snorkeling so that it will have a study the stunning underwater life in this island go for holiday at Grand Island Goa at the side of the monkey beach funn where sea surrounds you with the stunning sky Not finishing there retaining you extra close to the sea, we encompass an interesting and very thrilling sight of our dear sea friends the dolphins and a fishing experience inside the center of the sea. The activities completed for the duration of the Grand Island Trip Goa are carried out with professional steering so not anything to worry about just getting along with your friends and family to enjoy a lovely day on the Grand Island in Goa for an unexpected island trip adventure.
  • Bungee Jumping in Goa

    Bungee jumping is considered one of the most interesting and popular extreme sports in which you could participate. Goa is the top vacation spot where you may bungee jump. If that is your first time then you ought to know about all the information about Bungee Jumping in Goa which are critical for your safety and satisfaction.
  • Water Sports in Goa

    Goa is the perfect place for water sports in India. And water sports in Goa is the one of the excellent things to do, tourists love to do whilst in Goa. From India, tourists specifically visit Goa to revel in water sports packages in Goa. The best places for water sports in Goa are Calangute beach, Baga beach, Candolim beach, Mandrem beach, Dona Paula beach, Miramar beach, Palolem beach, Bogmalo beach, Querim beach and Coco beach. The lengthy coastal locations in Goa gives an awesome opportunity to bask in all forms of water sports activities.
  • Adventure Boat Trip in Goa

    An exciting Adventure Boat Trip in Goa includes a variety of water activities to make the Goa boating trips interesting. The adventure boat ride includes fun filled sports such as Kayaking- paddle and have the most amazing time in water, Fishing- center of the sea and a notable journey Sailing on a SUP board that is a exciting recreational pastime which requires a variety of stability that is the satisfactory manner to revel in the water. Goa is famous for its boating locations in goa. All water sports may be finished with expert steering and trained personnel to guide you throughout the sports retaining you secure and letting you revel in completely all necessary equipment are provided as your safety is our first priority.
  • ATV Ride in Goa

    Picnicwale gives you an opportunity to personally experience the ATV Ride in Goa at Anjuna beach which is situated at the northern part of Goa. The Anjuna beach is situated in such a place where you can take a stunning view of the sea and the beautiful sunset of the Goa along with the sand and sea.
  • Water Sports in Divar Island

    The thrilling and exciting water sports in Goa takes place at the Diwar Island. This is the best location for the water sports activities in Goa. The banana ride and bumper ride is a famous and exciting water sports in Divar Island. Parasailing, jet-ski ride and speed boat ride are famous for thrilling as it goes cutting the waves and the water.
  • Goa Trip

    A Goa trip isn't always just a holiday, it’s a country of mind! Goa’s surroundings of an extended coastline lined with palm timber instantly lifts up the spirit. With such a picturesque background, the Indo-Portuguese style homes painted in vivid colorations like honey yellow and deep rust pink make a perfect picture, thus, a perfect Goa tour. The Goan cuisine is a combination of the Portuguese dishes and Indian spices that tickle your taste buds with a craving for more. But pleasant of all is the sweeping perspectives of the Arabian Sea. So, gradually down your pace of life, take strolls on the stunning beaches, shake the sand off your flip-flops, lie returned with a drink in hand and relish the splendid seafood—all with Goa tour packages. If fun is your thing, let the journey get the better of you! Indulge in thrilling water sports like jet-skiing, scuba diving, kayaking, parasailing, boat riding and more.
  • Goa Tour Packages

    Browse via the numerous Goa tour packages by Picnicwale, and the itineraries will short you approximately the vintage colonial towns and whitewashed church buildings of Goa that stand beautifully to trap you. You can also check out Goa honeymoon packages as the magical beaches of Goa beneath the moonlight upload romance within the air. Goa applications for couples are custom designed in a manner to help you make the pleasant memories of your honeymoon. On your Goa tour, the dazzling nightlife makes you appreciate how going on life can be in North Goa and, the peace and calm of South Goa are best for the form of days on which easy things like sunsets and sound of the waves fill one with fulfillment.
  • Goa Tour

    Confused about your Goa trip? We at Picnicwale will let you look for the first-class Goa tour with excellent activities, adventure watersports and many more. A wide range of water sports in Goa to pick from. All you want to do is look for the first-rate tour, pay small charges as an develop and get the instant confirmation in your phone. So what are you ready for? Book your Goa Trip now!!
  • Goa Tour Price

    Goa, the most colourful and smallest nation of India is located among Maharashtra and Karnataka. From honeymoon couples to gangs and from nature fanatics to adventure trippers, Goa has something for everyone and everyone. While North Goa is occurring and complete of lifestyles with hippy beaches like Baga, Calangute and Anjuna, South Goa, on the alternative hand, is non violent and quiet for a calm and soothing vacation sharing shores of Colva, Palolem, and Galgibaga. Delightful seafoods like fish and lobsters are very generally prepared. Goa additionally produces and consumes its own clean brews made from cashew or coconut: Cashew Feni & Coconut Feni. Sunburn, a famous tune festival that is held inside the month of December attracts a massive number of tourists.


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